Cytus App Reviews

165 add

Best musical game..

..ever on smartphone!

Awesome game

Cool songs, challenging, nice learning curve, a lot of fun.

Best rhythm game ever

I love this game. Playing it for years, still loving it.



Very good game


Just The best

Best music game of the whole App Store!!!!

Great game

One of the best games of the genre. It has awesome music and great art. Definitely worth getting for such a small price.


My number ONE!

Secret Tracks

This game is without a doubt the best game in the app/playstore. I just found out that there are secret tracks in each chapter.. and all you have to do to get them is to push the green or red circles above the cleared songs sign in the chapter-selecting menu.. they even tell the story behind cytus in those songs. craazy

My Opinion

My Personal Favorite game. Just flawless! :)


Absolutely love it

Worth the money ~

I dont regret at all that I purchased this app. Its so much fun. Great songs!!


well the game is pretty much anvaddiction for people with add adhd and disorders like this for rest probably its still fun i love this game!

Beautiful Game with excellent songs...

The game offers you many free songs to play. You will have a great time even without buying more songs, but if you like and want to support this game you can buy more songs :) ... but Id rather buy a bundle of all song packs than each!

Just awesome

If you like japanese music thats the right app for ya :D. Love it <3


always been a supporter of this app, it is awesome. however, not super stoked on the new chapters increase in price to $9.99 from the usual $4.99.. seems like there are more songs, but tbh im only really a fan of the fast paced exciting songs, so none of them really appeal to me anyway.

Great game

The game is amazing! One of the best I have played. I am glued to it for hours!

The best

Its THE best app ever!!! It is a bit hard and takes some getting used to but it is amazing and addictive. Buy it, play it, love it


i love this game

This game if great but

Just when i start the game it crashes so i cant play at all since the update i would very much appreciate that you fix this

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